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Journey to late Marriage

Journey to late Marriage

Journey to late marriage is now like SA experience that everyone is looking forward to have. It is safe to say that early marriage nowadays are seen as odd as many people would rather build their careers, have high paying jobs and live the fast life than enter into marriage. Gone are the days, where people look forward to getting married in their 20s, the last I heard was my grandma.

Various schools of thought have tried to explain the cause of these change in societal view in favour of late marriages. Some say its because of the expectations placed on the African men who are traditionally breadwinners and their not being financially independent early enough. Others blame it on the rising cost of living and the recent increase in career-focused women.

Regardless of the justifications and benefits of late marriages, it is important to note that as you journey towards late marriage you might just want to prepare your luggage to solve the problem of infertility on your arrival.
For the ladies, menopause starts earlier nowadays, mostly due to dietary habits or environmental factors. Some ladies now experience menopause as early as 35.

while for the men, late marriage is not such a bad thing as the saying goes, ‘the older wine becomes, the better it is’. Nevertheless, male fertility also reduces with age which could be due to diet and lifestyle as well.

For couples who are interested in having children. Late marriages can be somewhat unfavourable except you seek counsel from experts such as bridge fertility clinic @bridgefertilityclinic.

Just as late marriage is a norm now, let’s also realize that the issue of infertility affects both sex. There used to be a time where inability to conceive was blamed solely on the woman, men can be infertile too and should be open to going for tests and receiving treatments.

Meanwhile the good news is infertility is no longer such a big issue because there are several solutions such as; surrogacy, IVF.
IVF which involves extracting your reproductive cells (the egg and sperm) for proper fertilization and then, the resulting embryo is planted in the womb. Thanks to quality medicine and the wonders of Science, the success rate has increased from 15% to about 40%. However, age could be a limiting factor, the success rate is higher for those in their 30s compared to those in their 40s so make hay while the sun is still shinning.

In light of the solutions available to combat infertility, the main question is, “are you embracing the solutions ?”.

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