The Men's Room | Be Your Own Boss; 12 Steps to Becoming Financially Independent
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Be Your Own Boss; 12 Steps to Becoming Financially Independent

Be Your Own Boss; 12 Steps to Becoming Financially Independent

In times like this, we need to generate more streams of income and the big question everyone is asking is if there ever a smooth transition from employment to empowerment or entrepreneurship? How does this work?

Seeing that there are a lot of active men in our society, Ayo Emakhiomhe, a business consultant with expertise in Finance, SME, leadership, Strategy, Business management, Human resources, and marketing is out to transform the lives of men. Having been a digital marketing expert who has apt knowledge of start-ups, his goal is to position today’s man to the many dynamics of today’s world. Ayo shares transitioning steps from employment to empowerment, starting your business, Investments, and savings, Developing A Business Plan.

Here are the 12 STEPS you’ll need to take to become your own boss;

  1. Determine what you want to do.
  2. Think about what others will pay for.
  3. Interview ideal customers.
  4. Design your marketing and business plans.
  5. Set up your business on a small scale.
  6. Assess feedback and adjust.
  7. Assemble a team.
  8. Secure financing.
  9. Set up the structure of your company.
  10. Leave your job.
  11. Set up a working budget.
  12. Scale up your business according to your marketing plan.


This is it, you’re a full-fledged entrepreneur.CONGRATULATIONS!!

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